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The Coronado Fitness Center is a full workout facility.  The Center features a newly completed fitness area with weight and cardio equipment, a 3-lane walking track, and exercise classroom, a 25-meter heated indoor swimming pool, two saunas, land and water classes Monday through Friday, and weight room and water training programs.  The locker room area has been completely renovated.  The have added two family/handicap dressing/shower rooms and three message therapy rooms.

bullet Individual Programs - An appointment can be made with a trained fitness member who will set up a program with you based on your fitness level and goals.  There is no additional charge for this service.
bullet Exercise Classes - All regularly schedules classes are co-ed and drop-in except where indicated and are included in the daily fee.  All land classes are 50-minutes duration.
  • Stretch & Tone - Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:00 am and 8:00 am.  Classes included warm-up strength training, flexibility and stretching exercises.
  • Lo-Impact Aerobics - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am; Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm.  Classes include warm-up, stretching, and medium to high intensity low impact aerobics.  May include dance moves, kickboxing, step and more.
  • Strengthen and Stretch - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:30 pm; Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 am.  This class emphasizes muscle strength and flexibility using equipment such as stability balls, body bars, weights and bands.
  • Yoga
    • Introduction to Yoga: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am.  This class is for beginners and works up to the intermediate level Yoga.  Slow and easy stretching is suitable for any level participant.
    • Yoga: Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 am. This class covers beginning to intermediate level Yoga.  It improves muscle strength, balance, endurance and flexibility by practicing Yoga postures, stretches and relaxation.
    • Power Yoga: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am.  This class combines elements of Hatha Yoga with traditional fitness and stretching exercises for a total mind/body workout.
    • Pilates - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 am.  This class uses a mat and small apparatus to improve balance and stability using your core muscles.
    • Abs & Legs - Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm.  This class will improve posture, agility and your golf/tennis game by strengthening core muscles and entire lower body.
bullet Group Indoor Cycling  Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:15 am and 6:00 pm.  This indoor cycling class is done on a specialized stationary bike, simulating speed and spring cycling on flat roads and hills.  Space is limited. Sign up and pay fee at Front Desk.  Signup begin the third Wednesday of each month for the next month's class.
bullet The Natatorium  The five-land indoor swimming pool has a deep-water area which ranges from 3 1/2 feet to 8 feet accommodating non-swimmers and swimmers who participate in aquatic programs and activities.  The pool is equipped with a portable aquatic lift in addition to steps for safe and easy access to the water.  The water is heated to 84 degrees.  A wading pool is available for small children.
  • Whirlpool and Saunas - In a room adjacent to the swimming pool there is a 16 person whirlpool heated to 104 degrees.  There are also two saunas, a cool sauna at 150 degrees and a hot sauna heated to 180 degrees.
  • Aquatic Classes - There are many options for fitness while enjoying the water.  All regularly scheduled classes are co-ed, drop-in and are included in the daily fee except where indicated
    • Turtles - The Turtles group is a social interaction water class that meets Monday - Saturday from 9:00 - 10:00 am.
    • Fun and Fit Aqua Aerobics - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm and Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 pm.  This self-paced class offers cardio-vascular conditioning, strength training and stretching for both beginners and more advanced participants.  It may include the use of woggles, hand bars, pool buoys or web-gloves.
    • Deep Water Power Aerobics - Monday - Friday at 8:00 am.  This class is an aerobic workout for anyone comfortable in the deep water.  Participants stay in the 8 foot pool area wearing belts or using woggles for flotation.  It works all parts of the body and may include toning with water equipment during class.  Great exercise for people who cannot tolerate impact on knees and hips.  Also works abdominal and back muscles to a greater degree than shallow water aerobics.
    • Arthritis Aquatic Program - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:30 pm.  This class is certified by the National Arthritis Association.  It is designed for persons who want to increase their flexibility and joint range of motion.  It is great for anyone with arthritis or someone coming back from illness or surgery.
    • Water Workshop - Tuesday at 10:00 am.  This class is designed for those new to the pool and those who wish to "fine tune" their water workout. Maximize your time spent water walking and in the aerobics classes.  Lean the best way to use available water equipment.  Sign-up required as class size is limited.
    • Lap Swim - Five lap lanes are provided Monday through Friday from 6:00 - 7:45 am and on Saturday from 8:00 - 8:50 am.  Double lanes are available during shared lap lane times; please check schedule for shared lap lane times.
    • Water Walking - One of our most popular activities in the pool is water walking.  A section of the pool is open every day for water walking, water play and fun swim to be enjoyed during open pool time.  Please check the schedule for daily times.
    • Adult Swim Lessons - Always wished you could swim or perfect your strokes?  It's never too late.  Adult Swim Lessons are offered throughout the year.  Registration & Fee are required.
    • Children's Swim Lessons - Swim lessons for children of all ages and ability levels are offered several times a year.  Registration and fee required.
bullet Massages - Swedish, deep tissue and reflexology massages are given by one of four Registered Therapist Technicians by appointment.  Appointments are available 7 days a week.

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